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... Company founded in 2.012

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We are a company specialized in the implementation of professional telephony solutions at various levels.


On the one hand, we have developed a software platform for Call Center (iNextCall), as well as our virtual switchboard (WorkingTel) with last generation characteristics and functionalities.


On the other hand, we have a human team with extensive experience in various sectors and campaigns of all kinds.


The four pillars on which our project is based are:


  1. The use of new technologies
    We believe in the value of being at the peak, at a technological level. Proof of this is that we dedicate a large part of our resources and benefits to the research and development of new applications for professional telephony.
  2. Our human potential
    Composed of a team of professionals, both agents, supervisors, trainers, or technicians. All with extensive experience in different campaigns and sectors.
  3. Our work philosophy

    We like what we do and we do it well. At the call center level we have a top priority and it is quality in customer service, even in cases where the times and cost of calls play against us. Above all, we want the customer to be satisfied with effective management and excellent treatment on every call.

  4. Our personality

    Our agents are not anonymously distributed numbers in large work rooms. Our staff has a first and last name and a friendly character that is transmitted in every minute of conversation with your clients.

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