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Switchboard IP of the latest  generation

Workingtel is a telephone exchange created to make life easier for those people who take care of a company's voice communications.


Tasks such as hiring numbering, diverting calls, managing queues, configuring terminals, creating telework positions, IVR menus or simply receiving calls are really easy to achieve, even without technical knowledge.


WorkingTel offers a scalable service for companies of any size since it has no limits in terms of the number of extensions it is capable of managing


We offer service packages exclusively from switchboard or also combined with call center and virtual secretary services.


WorkingTel does not require registration or installations and is 100% configurable through the web. You can try it right now by creating a free account.


WorkingTel is a scalable telephone exchange designed to serve all types of clients. Its main characteristics are:

  • It allows you to contract telephone numbering instantly.
  • Buy pre-configured phones. Connect and go!
  • Filter incoming calls and easily divert them using visual routes.
  • Turn your smartphone into an extension with our APP and without using the data network!
  • Ideal for Teleworking since the extensions are mobile and can be located anywhere.
  • It allows you to manage call queues and set preferences.
  • Use professional personalized voiceovers to improve the image of the company.
  • Divert calls to a tele-secretarial service, with no added costs in the diversion.
  • Set up call routes using a visual interface.
  • Decrease costs compared to conventional telephony
  • Use IVR to distribute calls without the intervention of a person.
  • Read mailbox messages thanks to Google voice-to-text transcription.
  • Supervise the activity of the switchboard in real time
  • Record and listen to all calls for years.
  • Mask outgoing calls and use the same outgoing number for all extensions
  • Create a list of VIP numbers and give them preference or create a blacklist to filter those calls that you do not want to answer
  • It has API for integration with other systems.
  • Technical support available every day of the year.

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