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We offer products and services adapted to the needs of our clients, both for small companies and self-employed, as well as for public administrations and companies in different sectors.

Customer Support

We offer customer or consumer phone service for transport agencies, mobile phones, dealers, cinemas, cosmetic products, food providers, courses, software, etc.

Industrial Sector

We develop solutions based on IVR (interactive voice response), and integration with external systems for the industrial sector in applications for time control or the activation of processes through calls.

Energy Sector

We perform telephone verification of contracts or third-party verification for commercialized gas and electricity companies, as well as for internet and mobile phone providers.

Booking Center

We are the information phone for several ski resorts, mountain hotels and tourist trains. In addition to providing information, we make reservations through booking and other external reservation programs.

Communication industry

We carry out first-class support tasks for telephone operators. We manage support tickets and help the client in service contracting processes and resolution of incidents.


We offer comprehensive service packages for newly formed companies. By paying a monthly fee they have numbering, a switchboard and a tele-secretary to answer their calls.

Hospitals & Healthcare 

We carry out virtual assistant tasks for hospitals and medical centers. We manage medical appointments through various agenda programs, in addition to informing the patient about mutual insurance coverage, etc.

Public Administration

We are successful awardees for administrations and public entities. We inform citizens about waste management, street cleaning, municipal offices, vehicle removal, incidents with traffic lights ...

Media Analysis

We carry out the field work, through telephone surveys, for the press, television and local radio stations, both to know your audience and to conduct opinion polls and electoral prospection.


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